It’s what you do to me.

Poi volunteer

Angelina Soon

Mobile seafood vendors

Pangasinan, Philippines

Ballooning in Cappadocia, Turkey

November 19, 2013

"The closer you are to nature, the closer you are to God."

Despite being surrounded by man-made objects, a simple look up to the sky can teach you a lot. I could have been where I was standing a minute earlier or later, but then I would have missed this view of pigeons and a mushroom cloud moving with the wind with towering buildings leaving only a small window of time to capture the moment (Yada yada yada, etc) it goes on and on until I can no longer express the magnitude of my appreciation of this simple moment in words. Somewhere lingering in the whole thing is the presence of grace and faith in His time. I know some people who experience the same and share my enthusiasm in simple moments. It just feels really nice to emphasize feeling blessed just because we simply do.